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Recommended by 32 people
Recommended by 32 people
They've always been the most professional firm I've worked with. They completed the work on schedule and to a good standard, and the electrician was...  Read more
Jul 13, 2024
Peter Davis
He was not quite up to par. They weren't on time for the meeting and didn't properly communicate with each other. Even though the work was done, it...  Read more
Jul 7, 2024
Ellen Parker
I have collaborated with several contractors throughout the course of my profession as an electrician. There is no one like this. They installed my...  Read more
Jun 9, 2024
Yolanda Dole
This business was trustworthy and competent. The electrician who fitted my light fixture worked fast and effectively. The price was right, so I'm...  Read more
Jun 2, 2024
Ray Parker
We are happy with how the outside lighting installation turned out. The lighting really brought the outdoor area to life, and it was stunning....  Read more
May 17, 2024
James Ragsdale
We are pleased with the results of the exterior lighting installation. It was breathtaking, and the lighting really made the outside space come...  Read more
May 16, 2024
Joanna Hopkins

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